Few instruments boast the Piano’s broad range. Around 1700, Italian luthier Bartolomeo Cristofori created an instrument that could play both piano (softly) and forte (loudly).  His innovation has become a staple of music in today’s society. We can appreciate the piano in some of the most romantic and energetic repertoire.

There is something deeply moving about the touch of the guitar.  It inspires the most passionate rasgueados (strums) while focusing in on the most delicate harmonics.  Beethoven described the guitar as a small orchestra while Chopin stated that there is nothing more beautiful than a guitar, save perhaps for two guitars.  Given the direct contact between the strings and the player, the beauty of the guitar lies in it’s versatility of tone colors and different timbres.

The musical syncretism of these two staple instruments unravels a new dimension of musical palates which we invite you to explore with us!

Subtle vibrance!